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MSSC Code of Ethics

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  • To comply with relevant provisions of the certification scheme
  • To make claims only with respect to the scope (of the standards) for which the certification has been granted
  • To discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contains any reference to the certification body upon suspension or withdrawal of certification
  • To refrain from using certification in a misleading manner
  • To understand the MSSC "Key Activities" document that describes the principal logistics activities to which the certification applies.
  • To explain that the MSSC certificates document the individual's competency to achieve the required performance level on a national certification assessment only with respect to the Key Activities related to that certificate.
  • To avoid using the certification in a manner that will bring MSSC into disrepute
  • To understand that a violation of any of the above principles could lead to the suspense or withdrawal of this credential, after which the individual should discontinue the use of all claims to MSSC certification

Certificants shall, in their professional logistics activities, sustain and advance the integrity, honor and prestige of the certification by adherence to this Code of Ethics. Certificants who intentionally or knowingly violate any provision of the Code of Ethics will be subject to revocation of the certification.

I have reviewed the Candidate and Certificant Handbook and agree to the terms and conditions which it outlines. Click to download the handbook:(CPT Handbook) or (CLT Handbook)

I agree to uphold the above Code of Ethics.

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By checking this box, I hereby authorize the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) to share my assessment results, including date(s) and location of testing, pass/fail status and assessment scores, with the following entities: federal or state or local educational authorities funding my training or assessments; employers funding my training or assessments.

[PLEASE NOTE: MSSC does not require your authorization for participation. However, some funding entities may require access to your assessment results in order to fund or allow your participation. Opting out may result in termination from the program. If you have any questions about your disclosure requirements, please contact your training and testing organization for more information.]

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act applies to schools that receive federal funding. Under this act, MSSC is authorized to share your assessment results with: 1) federal or state or local educational authorities conducting an audit or evaluation or enforcement of education programs; 2) organizations conducting studies on behalf of schools; 3) state and local officials in connection with service students under the juvenile justice system.